Phrasal Verbs 1/44

Here’s Chapter 6 of How We Really Talk: Using Phrasal Verbs in English

Chapter 6

“Across” is like a bridge.

GW Bridge
GW Bridge

We cross something so we can get to the other side. Information moves across space from one person to another. If I can make you understand my idea, I can “get it across” to you.

Come across  When something crosses our path, we “come across it,” or “stumble across/upon” it. “I came across a great little restaurant yesterday; you should try it!”

Come across as  To “come across as,” followed by an adjective or noun, means to give a (usually false) first impression. “He comes across as ignorant, but he actually knows a lot.”

Cut across When we are walking or driving and go a short way (on or off a road), we can “cut across” a field or wood. “If you want to get to old Mrs. Stone’s house, just cut across the field over there and you’ll be there in five minutes.



Match the phrasal verb to its definition.

1) cut across _____                                                                   a) find something by accident

2) get * across _____                                                                b) give an impression

3) stumble across or come across * _____                          c) take a short cut

4) come across as * _____                                                      d) make a message clear

Rewrite the sentences using appropriate phrasal verbs. Remember to change the verb forms (for example, adding –s or changing the tense) if necessary.

1) I __________________________a great little restaurant by accident last week.

2) The new guy _____________________________serious, but he’s really funny and nice after you get to know him.

3) Sometimes it’s hard for our math teacher to __________his message______________.

4) The road is blocked, but we can _____________________ this field.

III. Add other “across” phrasal verbs you may hear.



3 thoughts on “Phrasal Verbs 1/44

  1. Glad to see you sharing more of these things. You might consider offering a little less in future posts, with a reminder that even more information is found in the book 🙂


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