Second Chances

What do we give up when we refuse to take a path? We rarely get a second chance to find out. When I was 20, it simply didn’t occur to me that, in the old phrase, “opportunity never knocks twice.” As I travel through the West this May of 2018, at 63, I am getting … More Second Chances

Tangier Island

I am reaching the age when I relate most of my present experiences to my past–to the decades since I first tasted that particular crunch of a sugar cone crammed with ice cream or saw that particular arc of a seagull’s glide over ocean water, and experience them again in the present moment. Today I … More Tangier Island

Colors of Summer

Originally posted on Marjorie Turner Hollman:
Gooseberry Island in Westport covered in blooming roses Summer means visits to the beach, but we don’t often think of riotous color when we think of beach visits. Our latest visit to Gooseberry Island, in Westport, MA brought the surprise of thousands of beach roses in full bloom. Throughout…

In God’s Country?

Yesterday, I took a beautiful drive to see the colors in the Smokies and to get fresh produce from Carver’s Apple Orchard in Cosby–a ritual I observed for years but had lately neglected. I used to go there with my family when my children were young until they began objecting to the long drive. It … More In God’s Country?

Idioms with “It”

“It” carries a lot of baggage for such a tiny word. I’ve been collecting some idioms that refer to “it” without specifying what “it” means. Please add any you can think of. Weather idioms: It’s raining, it’s sunny, it’s foggy, it’s snowing, it’s cloudy, it’s cold, it’s hot, it’s warm, it’s cool, it’s windy, it’s … More Idioms with “It”