Traveling North


As I left Knoxville and headed North on the first of June, it was threatening to rain. I didn’t care. I needed to get out of Knoxville, urgently. Conflicts at work were dragging at me and I could not shake thoughts about them. Couldn’t sleep, couldn’t concentrate. Knoxville needed to be left in the dust behind my car, at least for a while.

The question arises, can we leave things behind in the way I was hoping to? Well, yes and no. While our troubles do follow us around, we can get a respite that allows us to relax a little, put things in perspective, and perhaps just enjoy that evil little part of us that enjoys sticking our middle finger in the air as we gun the engine and disappear at high speed.

Thus, rain clouds didn’t bother me a bit. I was feeling quite stormy myself, so the drama in the sky answered my mood spectacularly.



3 thoughts on “Traveling North

  1. I’m delighted you made the trip. It was a treat to see you. Without wishing more trauma for you in the future, I hope you decide to come this way more often. It’s okay to travel in good times too.


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