The Great Bike Escape

IMG_20150606_144038_860Many years ago, I went on a long bike ride with two friends in Italy. In the intervening years, I tended my ailing parents, married, had two children (a boy and a girl), divorced, started a business, wrote a book, recorded a CD, and generally got into trouble of the most respectable kind.

The posts in my blog The Great Bike Escape tell the story of how I ran away for a month at the ripe age of 60, to bike again and find out what was left of me.



3 thoughts on “The Great Bike Escape

  1. Whoa! All this was brand new information for me. And I thought I knew you??? What an incredible woman you are, Em! Brilliant of mind; bold and adventuresome of spirit; delicate and soft of soul and massively talented. Carry on, sister – – –

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