Chapter 7 – “After” as Toward, Following or Chasing

ducklings “After” usually means “after in time order” (“I’ll see you after class”), but in phrasal verbs it usually means something like “following” in a certain direction, toward, or chasing. The baby ducks in the picture are following their mother; they are swimming after her. Chasing something: “go after, be after, run after” “Zelda is after Scott … More Chapter 7 – “After” as Toward, Following or Chasing

Phrasal Verbs 1/44

Here’s Chapter 6 of How We Really Talk: Using Phrasal Verbs in English Chapter 6 “Across” is like a bridge. We cross something so we can get to the other side. Information moves across space from one person to another. If I can make you understand my idea, I can “get it across” to you. Come … More Phrasal Verbs 1/44