Mountain Laurel Band


Mountain Laurel is the name of a beautiful, delicate plant that grows all over the place in the eastern US. It is also the name of my band. We put out a CD in 2012.

On it you can hear Brenda Hamilton playing the hammered dulcimer, Sandee Rose on the upright bass, Bill Stanley on guitar, mandolin, and vocals, and me on fiddle, guitar, mando, and vocals.

The song list includes “Hard Times” by Stephen Foster, “Wild Mountain Thyme,” “Farewell My Friends,” “Down to the River to Pray,” and some fun instrumentals like “O’Carolan’s Draught,” “St. Anne’s Reel,” and “Whiskey Before Breakfast.”

If you link to the website, you’ll hear samples of all the songs.

And here’s a picture of me with some mountain laurel in Massachusetts this last June! Thanks Marjorie!



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