Visiting the President

Earlier in the day, before Martin and I sang at the open mic, I rode south along the Potomac to Mount Vernon along the Mount Vernon Trail. Strangely, I had never visited Mount Vernon before. I’ve been to Jefferson’s Monticello twice, and in general I love old houses, but somehow Mount Vernon had always seemed … More Visiting the President

Chester and Martin

After the glorious June greenness of the Shenandoah Valley and McCormick’s farmstead… my next destination was Arlington, Virginia, where my old friend Martin lives with his wife Patti. And now you have to meet Chester. See that battered old guitar? It has a name, and that name is Chester Lee Kachouzel. I tossed Chester in … More Chester and Martin

On the road to Damascus

The first full day out of Tennessee, June 2, I stayed in Abingdon, Virginia, at the Jubilee Retreat Center, which is run by the Catholic Church. I highly recommend looking for such retreats–they are in beautiful places, they are quiet, and they are relatively cheap, all things that I value greatly. I wanted to bike the Virginia … More On the road to Damascus

Traveling North

As I left Knoxville and headed North on the first of June, it was threatening to rain. I didn’t care. I needed to get out of Knoxville, urgently. Conflicts at work were dragging at me and I could not shake thoughts about them. Couldn’t sleep, couldn’t concentrate. Knoxville needed to be left in the dust … More Traveling North

The Tent in Siena

So this is a picture of Siena, a city in Tuscany in Italy. After a summer of teaching ESL at the American School in Switzerland in 1982, I rode with my friends Dani and Bruno by bike through the Appenines from southern Switzerland to Siena. Dani’s girlfriend, later wife, Marlies, was taking a cooking class … More The Tent in Siena


I don’t know why, really, I was willing to take a month, a whole month, and go away from my home and my job. Some of it had to do with a turning point in my life. I turned 60 a few months ago, which surprised me a good deal. I never expected to live to 60. … More ON