Healing Easy Walks

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After the fall, snuggling with grandboys and cousin Em Our visit to the farm in the mountains was truly wonderful until the second day, when, standing too close to the edge of a porch, I was knocked off balance by an over-friendly farm dog. Suddenly I flew through the…


Coming Home

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Fall in New England I have heard it said that understanding and sharing your past can change your future, but it was only recently that I began to fully grasp this truth. In my work as a freelance writer and personal historian, I often ask people, “How did you…

Words Gone Wrong: 8 Stupid Things Journalists Write

Well, there’s good news and there’s bad news about the new do-it-yourself journalism. The good news? Theoretically, anyone with a keyboard and a modem can enter the global conversation. The bad news? At least in American journalism, a bunch of people who don’t know English very well are writing their heads off, producing a slew of words without … More Words Gone Wrong: 8 Stupid Things Journalists Write

Spoken Syntax Conversation Circles

3Presentation on Spoken Syntax MethodIn most English language programs, the “Four Skills” of English are taught: Grammar, Reading, Writing, and Listening/Speaking (as a single course). One of an ESL teacher’s biggest challenges is that we too often produce students who can perform well on standardized reading, writing, and listening tests, but who cannot struggle their … More Spoken Syntax Conversation Circles

Chapter 7 – “After” as Toward, Following or Chasing

ducklings “After” usually means “after in time order” (“I’ll see you after class”), but in phrasal verbs it usually means something like “following” in a certain direction, toward, or chasing. The baby ducks in the picture are following their mother; they are swimming after her. Chasing something: “go after, be after, run after” “Zelda is after Scott … More Chapter 7 – “After” as Toward, Following or Chasing

Christmas Memories

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Mom, or Grannie Kuhl, part of another Christmas ornament My sister Beth is an unashamed Christmas nut–she pulls out all the Christmas decorations every year, is thrilled with any gift pertaining  to Christmas, and simply sparkles with enthusiasm about all things Christmas-y. I, on the other hand, can be…

Parallels in Radicalism

Having just done a review of American history with one of my classes, I found this article by a Boston College historian drawing a comparison between the Republican Party of 2015 and the Democratic Party of 1860 to be interesting. This historian reminds us that John C. Breckenridge, the pro-slavery candidate of the Democrats of that … More Parallels in Radicalism