Em Turner English Services

Technical and Scientific Editing 


With over 30 years of experience in editing, and over 15 in technical and scientific editing, I offer professional editing services for scientists who are preparing professional papers for publication in scientific journals.

As an ESL teacher, I’m especially interested in helping scientists whose native language is not English.  Here’s what I do:

  1. Copyedit for grammar and usage–especially important for ESL writers
  2. Proofread for typos and spelling errors
  3. Suggest improvements, additions, and reorganization looking at the whole picture of your work
  4. Maximize the impact of your title, your abstract, your introduction and your conclusion–the key sections of your work that readers will go to first 
  5. Check and correct formatting

What It Costs

$100 consulting fee + $9/page (250-word typewritten).

Special arrangements for dissertations or theses are possible.

What Clients Say

“Do you have time to do your magic, Em? My proposal is due in two weeks.”

“I’m happy to tell you that my paper was accepted. Do you have time for another one?”

“Em recently edited my book of walking trails, “Easy Walks” and provided expert editing, masterful rewording suggestions. She caught little things that would have made my book look unprofessional. Her editing produced a manuscript that projects an active and confident voice. I am so grateful for the time she spent working with me.”
Marjorie Turner Hollman, author “Easy Walks in Massachusetts.”

Contact Me:
Em Turner Chitty





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