Your word for the day: Fantastic, Fabulous

“Fantastic” and “Fabulous” …used to mean something completely different These words, so often used to express a great admiration for someone or something, didn’t originally mean what most people think they mean. “Fantastic” comes from the Greek phantazein, or imagination. It’s related to the English “phantasm,” or a ghost, imaginary creature, nightmare creature. So “fantastic” … More Your word for the day: Fantastic, Fabulous


Em Turner English Services

Technical and Scientific Editing  With over 30 years of experience in editing, and over 15 in technical and scientific editing, I offer professional editing services for scientists who are preparing professional papers for publication in scientific journals. As an ESL teacher, I’m especially interested in helping scientists whose native language is not English.  Here’s what … More Em Turner English Services

History of English

    Many of the world’s great languages have been around, in one form or another, for thousands of years. Even though they are constantly changing and evolving, they still keep their identity: they have been “Arabic” or “Mandarin” over long periods of time. English, by contrast is a relatively young language. And it is … More History of English