Fear. Terror. Panic. Cold Shivers. Cold suspicion……..Hate.

From Steve Wilkerson comes THIS ARTICLE about the fear here in the US that has effectively slammed the doors on hundreds of thousands of desperate Syrians trying to escape slaughter by their government. We refused to accept large numbers of Jews in the ’30s and ’40s, too, and look what happened. We count the Holocaust as … More Fear. Terror. Panic. Cold Shivers. Cold suspicion……..Hate.


Mainline GOPers in the House must be shivering in their boots…

[Update}   And there’s more: more So today, after a withering shower of acid criticism for telling the truth about the Benghazi witch-hunt, whose target appears always to have been Hillary 2016, Kevin McCarthy acknowledged today that he doesn’t have the votes to become the speaker of the House. The only candidates that are now in … More Mainline GOPers in the House must be shivering in their boots…

Phrasal Verbs 1/44

Here’s Chapter 6 of How We Really Talk: Using Phrasal Verbs in English Chapter 6 “Across” is like a bridge. We cross something so we can get to the other side. Information moves across space from one person to another. If I can make you understand my idea, I can “get it across” to you. Come … More Phrasal Verbs 1/44

Visiting the President

Earlier in the day, before Martin and I sang at the open mic, I rode south along the Potomac to Mount Vernon along the Mount Vernon Trail. Strangely, I had never visited Mount Vernon before. I’ve been to Jefferson’s Monticello twice, and in general I love old houses, but somehow Mount Vernon had always seemed … More Visiting the President

Chester and Martin

After the glorious June greenness of the Shenandoah Valley and McCormick’s farmstead… my next destination was Arlington, Virginia, where my old friend Martin lives with his wife Patti. And now you have to meet Chester. See that battered old guitar? It has a name, and that name is Chester Lee Kachouzel. I tossed Chester in … More Chester and Martin